Wednesday, April 1, 2020

About RSVP of Lehigh, Northampton and Carbon Counties

RSVP provides resources to communities by mobilizing older adults who continue making significant contributions to others long after their professional careers have ended. Membership in RSVP is open to anyone age 55 and older. There are no fees to either the senior volunteer or to the community agencies that rely on the services of volunteers.

Lehigh Valley Volunteer Opportunities Volunteers choose their assignments from a broad list of possibilities provided by the local RSVP office. RSVP is able to offer a range of opportunities because RSVP works with over 80 local non-profit agencies. The RSVP program provides personalized placement along with supplemental accident and liability insurances that cover RSVP members while they are serving on their assignments.

All volunteers are quick to point out that they gain by giving, and the benefits of their efforts work both ways. Through RSVP projects, local communities are able to provide valuable services, while older volunteers remain connected and engaged. They can see the results of their efforts in the improved lives of their neighbors.

From tutoring students to assisting seniors, from enhancing the capacity of non-profit organizations to improving and protecting the environment, RSVP volunteers put their unique talents to work and make a difference.

The challenges and activities of their ‘second’ careers as RSVP volunteers promote a longer, happier, more meaningful life.

RSVP is the largest of the three programs that make up the Senior Corps. [learn more]